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Fields Of Practice
Commercial law: omprehensive legal aid for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs; founding and registration of companies, foundations and associations; consulting and preparing contracts in Polish and English, including copyright contracts, franchising contracts, regulations statutes etc.; participating in negotiations; conducting legal proceedings in court in all matters, including tax law and labour law; proceeding before administration authorities, consumer protection departments, revenue office, Social Security Office etc.

Civil law: legal disputes; payment enforcement; settlement of legal questions involving real estate; leasing; property protection; division of property; land registry cases; inheritance cases; property communities and cooperative associations; damages.

Criminal law: defense before public prosecutor and criminal court especially in the field of property, commercial, and driving crimes; tax offences; representing private and substitute prosecutors.

Family law: divorce, separation, division of family assets, alimony, parental responsibility.

Labour law and social security: legal proceedings for employers and employees in court; labour contracts settlement; labour contract notice appeals; salary payment enforcement; mobbing; appeals against Social Security Office decisions.

Tax law: legal advice; proceedings before the Revenue Office; appeals against tax department decisions; proceedings in Regional and Supreme Administrative Court; defense in tax crime cases.

Administrative Law: legal advice; appeals against administrative decisions; proceeding before administration authorities, particularly in the field of development procedures; proceedings in Regional and Supreme Administrative Court.

European Union Funds: comprehensive legal aid concerning projects co-financed by the European Union; preparing contracts; legal advice; appeals against decisions.